Double Dorje

Double Dorje is the publishing house currently responsible for publishing the work of Howard Evans. The name Double Dorje emerged over many years. The first intimation came when I was travelling as a guest in Bhutan in the late 1990’s. My host was from the  Dorje lineage and many of the people who guided me on my travels carried the same name. One of the Dorjes recommended I connect with Lama Ole Nydahl. I was fortunate meet and sit with him in small groups in London. A couple of years later, he gave me the name Jigme Dorje. I asked Ole Nydahl if I could also give the name to my son who was soon to be born. Ole agreed to this and Jigme Dorje became part my son’s name.

When my daughter was born, my wife and I agreed to integrate Dechen Dorje into her name. This was the name of a few of my important travelling companions in Bhutan and it suits her well.

The name Double Dorje honours my children, my guides in Bhutan and the double Vajra device that is so important in my first novel, STILL.



Double Dorje also referred to as a double vajra