Guinea Stories

Here’s a selection of very short stories for under a guinea (£1.05) apiece. Click on a title to buy and download it in PDF format. If you prefer EPUB, let me know. If you don’t receive a download link within a few minutes of purchase let me know and I’ll send it to you myself. If you can’t use paypal or don’t have much money use the store gateway and read one for free.

  1. The queen’s teeth. An irreverent little story (525 words)
  2. Taking it back. Check out your shaman before taking their herbs (1218 words)
  3. My mother’s handbag. Better not to know what your mother does (830 words)
  4. The drop. Love in retirement (1354 words)
  5. The day I changed too much. A dervish story with a twist (1210 words)
  6. La Seu. Reminiscing on building a cathedral. (1960 words)
  7. Mainlining. Future travel, Elon Musk style. (1028 words)
  8. Rhyming. In honour of people who sewed buttons, including my mother. (363 words)
  9. Unexpected guests. A shaggy dog story for people who like dogs. (320 words)
  10. Marilyn. A birthday story for Marilyn Monroe and a wish for Camelot (978 words)


This shop sells short stories, but here’s an exception that proves the rule. A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage was originally published in 2009. Although our understanding of connective tissue has developed a little since then, for massage therapists this book remains relevant. This PDF version of the original book is available for £5.00